RSE Summer Chamber Music

We are gearing up for a delayed start to the summer chamber music! We’ve made some modifications to accommodate COVID-19 guidelines. We ask all participants to accept mutual responsibility for keeping everyone safe.

This year’s program will begin on Tuesday, July 21, and will run for seven weeks, through September 1, 2020. The fee for this year’s program is $40. Minimum number of participants: 15. If we do not have 15 participants by the registration deadline, the program will be cancelled and fees refunded.


Here’s the outline of how we will conduct this year’s summer program

  • All groups will meet outdoors
  • Chris Chelgren, Facilitator for the summer program, will form small ensembles from the registrants based on playing ability at the beginning
  • Participants will remain with the same group throughout the summer session
  • Registrants can indicate players they’d like to have in their group—as long as both players make the same request
  • RSE will provide music unless groups already have music they want to play
  • On the registration form, please indicate if you are willing to host a small group on your patio or other outdoor space—ideally we’ll be able to accommodate groups this way and not have to look for public spaces (Hosts will not be obligated to provide bathroom facilities)
  • Each group will receive at least one coaching session
  • Registrants will agree to physical distancing guidelines and to wearing a mask while participating in the summer chamber program
  • Sessions will last approximately 1 to 1-1/2 hours

To Register:

Let’s make music!
Roseville String Ensemble
2660 City Center Drive
Roseville MN 55113

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