Online Master Class

The Roseville String Ensemble is sponsoring two online master classes for violin and viola players with Aaron Janse on the evenings of June 4 and 18. Six players will have the opportunity to play and receive instruction twice, on both nights. An unlimited number of students will be able to observe both classes.

Deadline to sign up: May 28, 2020.

Cost for both evenings

$40 for students, $10 for observers.

Music to Play

The player can choose any solo/chamber music/orchestra part of their choice or part of the repertoire for the Roseville String Ensemble’s Fall 2020 concert. If you choose RSE repertoire, Amir recommends the following: 

  • Victor Herbert, Serenade for String Orchestra, Fifth movement (Finale).  Violins – Letter H to end, Violas Letter I to the end; or
  • Ralph Vaughan Williams, Five Variants on “Dives and Lazarus,” Variant IV.  Any portion.

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